Most of us are familiar with the term “breaking bread.” Over the years, it has become a symbol of togetherness, welcome, and sharing among friends. Many know this term from its biblical origins, but the concept of breaking bread with others is documented throughout history in numerous civilizations

In early Mesopotamian states, family units used the symbolic ritual of sharing a meal to expand their circle or bond with other families. In the Victorian Era, dinners were only held on special occasions and were used to express power and importance within a household.

So while sharing meals has a long history, we have also learned that sharing food and drink with others builds community and is good for your mental health.

In 2017, Professor Aylet Fishbach from the University of Chicago conducted a study that showed those who shared a meal while negotiating were more productive and had better outcomes. This may be why we love lunch meetings. Hmmm. 🤔 

The concept of breaking bread with others is so powerful that it’s become a trend. For example, Break Bread World is an organization that believes in having intentional Friday night dinners with its community. Around the premise that we can all connect over inspired conversation and food. 

Studies also show that people gain health benefits from sharing meals with others. Eating food releases oxytocin in the brain, which affects the limbic system or our emotional control center; When combined with the company, our brain associates trust and bonding with them. Opening our social circles to new people, especially over food, allows us to form bonds with them faster. It has also been shown to prime our brains to focus on concepts such as fairness and greed, allowing for a more open perspective.

So how does this relate to coworking in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and The Candy Factory (TCF)?

Bringing people together has always been an essential part of our mission, and we do that in many ways. Our weekly barista and happy hours play a crucial role in connecting our network. Other events like our annual Friendsgiving dinner, regular parties, member lunches, potlucks, cookouts, clubs, and breakfasts are also great ways to connect over food and drink. These events are not by happenstance. We intentionally cultivate opportunities for our members to network effortlessly with each other.

Feeling inspired? 

Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Start a weekly dinner night, inviting others in your network to gather and connect. 
  2. New to the area? Join a coworking space near you and join in the events. It’s an easy way to get to know your new community. 
  3. Member Tip: Invite another member you don’t know well to lunch and see what conversation takes place. So many collaborations have started out with a chat over coffee or lunch.

The breaking of bread is a thread that ties us together, and it’s evolved into a shared language. The benefits are clear, and we’re grateful our members have chosen to break bread at TCF. Remember, It only takes one piece of bread to open the door of a lifetime of friendship. 

Don’t go it alone! Join our fantastic community of professionals looking to build connections. Schedule a tour today. 

Meet the Author: Starr

Meet the Author: Starr

Studios Front Desk Admin. Asst. / Blogger

On weekends you can find Starr serving drafts at the Fridge or catching a movie at Zoetropolis. A fun fact about her is that she loves playing table top board games!