We’re thrilled to introduce you to Brain Candy—a new series of short, digestible nuggets of wisdom from our members. Here at TCF, over 250 people make up our community. From technology professionals to creatives, business services, and much more.
Our TCF peeps inspire us with their extensive knowledge each day, and we’re delighted to share their expertise with you. From Podcasting to crypto, these 3 minutes conversations will expand your horizons, and you’ll learn something new. So join us as our members share insight and skills from years of experience. Welcome to Brain Candy.
Upcoming Episodes with members – Jason Mundok of So Good Lancaster, Othelia Sierra of The Math Mentors, Andrew Long of Ben Franklin Technology Partners/Central and Northern PA, Rasheed Hamid of Extra Hands Virtual Assistants, Karlo Gesner of Karlo Gesner Photography, Zach Johnson-Medland of Gumption Design Co., and Nolan Foster of Gumbo