This week on Brain Candy, podcaster, trumpet player, writer, and consultant Jose Johnson provides handy tips on building your podcast audience.


1. Get focused

2. Be Consistent

3. Heavy Hitters

ABOUT Trumpet Gurus Hang Podcast

Join Jose every Tuesday for Trumpet Gurus Hang Podcast! He takes you inside the minds of some of the trumpet world’s top players, manufacturers, educators, and technicians. If you love the trumpet (and who doesn’t,) you will not want to miss an episode of this podcast. These are more than just interviews. This is a chance for you to get to know your favorite trumpet celebrities -as well as up-and-coming artists – in a real way. Find the show on Youtube here.


José Johnson is a modern-day renaissance man, author, educator, entrepreneur, consultant, musician, and internationally recognized martial and energy arts master. Over the last 30 years, he has studied various systems of Chinese martial arts, energy arts, mindfulness practices, and philosophy. José’s passion is to empower others to create the transformation that they seek in their lives using an innovative and integrated approach that combines the yin and yang nature of the ancient and the modern, the intellectual and physical, and the spiritual and scientific a unified method for self-development.

In his book, “Mindfulness Secrets: 90 Ways In 90 Days,” José shares his unique and practical approach to demystifying mindfulness. The tips, tricks, and strategies are short, simple, and easy to apply. This book is perfect for the person new to mindfulness because of its practical approach.

When not busy speaking, writing, and running the Personal Mastery and Growth Academy, José produces and hosts the Trumpet Gurus Hang podcast. He is also a co-host of the Kung-fu Equation podcast and the Soul Sessions video series.

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Episode 01 of Trump Gurus Hang Podcast.