At The Candy Factory, we have a vibrant community. It is what makes us who we are. Outside of our campus walls, our members may be bombarded with all kinds of distractions or unhelpful work scenarios, but we have a built-in tool to squash that. The tool is known as body doubling. 

Body doubling is a technique where we work alongside another person who is also working on their own tasks. The idea is that the presence of another person who is also working can help us stay focused and motivated. Anecdotal evidence shows that it helps to increase our dopamine transmitters, therefore, keeping our brains engaged.  Here are some more of the benefits of body doubling:

When we work alongside someone else, we are more likely to stay accountable and focused on our work. We know that someone else is working alongside us, encouraging us to build our own healthy habits. This can be especially helpful if we tend to procrastinate or get distracted easily.

Increased productivity
Body doubling can also increase our productivity. When we work alongside someone else, we are less likely to get sidetracked by other tasks or distractions. Instead, we are more likely to stay on task and get our work done efficiently.

The presence of another person can also be motivating. We can feed off
each other’s energy and enthusiasm, which can help us stay motivated and focused on our work. When we see our pals succeeding it encourages us to work hard too. We love to support each other at TCF.

Reduced stress
Body doubling can also help reduce stress. When we work alongside someone else, we feel less alone and more supported. This can help us feel less overwhelmed and more in control of our workload. TCF is a positivity zone. Our staff facilitates an environment where everyone feels excited to make coworking a part of their day.

Improved collaboration
Body doubling can also be a great way to collaborate with others. When we work alongside someone else, we can bounce ideas off each other and get feedback on our work. This can lead to better results and a more enjoyable work experience. At TCF, our members come from all backgrounds of life and work, so they can tap into perspectives or resources not previously accessible to them. 

Body doubling can be a powerful tool to help us stay focused and motivated in today’s fast-paced world. At TCF, it is built into our way of life. Coworking helps our members to feel connected to a community and excel in their field.

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Meet the Author: Starr

Meet the Author: Starr

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On weekends you can find Starr serving drafts at the Fridge or catching a movie at Zoetropolis. A fun fact about her is that she loves playing table top board games!

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