As we prepare to celebrate 12 years of coworking in 2022, we’re organizing and sorting images and videos we’ve collected over those years. We’ll be highlighting all the amazing people who have been part of our community, the fun events we’ve hosted while shining a light on the many collaborations that have taken place, all thanks to The Candy Factory.
If you have any images or videos of The Candy Factory from the past 12 years, we’d love to see them! Shoot us a message and we’ll be in touch.
Here are a few images of our upper floors while under construction. As you can see, the space was pretty raw. We even had to add the windows!
We love seeing how far our current building has come, as well as looking back on our old spaces in the Keppel Building, and by central market. We hope you enjoy these images as much as we do, and we can’t wait to share our retrospective with you all next year!

Pictured above is our first location located in The Kepple Building on Queen Street in downtown Lancaster, PA.

Pictured above is our current location under contraction in 2016. We are located in the old Lancaster Storage Building on Queen Street in downtown Lancaster, PA and our tower which consists of six floors had no windows.