So You Want To Write A Book Ep. No. 14

You have an idea for a book but it’s pretty fuzzy. Or maybe you have more than one idea. How do you find your story? How do you clarify your idea or choose which one to write first? Get the inside scoop on Suzette’s story-finding process as she coaches writer, storyteller, and motivational speaker Jennifer Diaz and shows her how to find her story.

In this episode of So You Want to Write a Book, we’re digging into the questions you need to ask to get clear on the story you want to share with the world. In a mini-coaching session with writer, storyteller, and motivational speaker Jennifer Diaz, Suzette will demonstrate her unique story-finding process and show you how you can use it to save yourself years of frustration of writing in circles or just not writing at all. The world needs to hear your story. Let Suzette help you find it.

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