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How to Battle Resistance in Your Book Writing Journey

So You Want to Write with Suzette

You want to write, but you aren’t writing. You say tomorrow will be different, but it’s the same story, different day. There’s a battle going on inside you, and the wrong side is winning. Find out about one simple shift you can make so you can write the book that you feel called to write.

In this episode of So You Want to Write a Book, Suzette digs into the number one enemy of the creator: resistance. She’ll share wisdom from Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art and share tips from her own writing life and her work with her book coaching clients. There’s a crucial mindset shift that a writer needs to make to end up on the right side of this battle. Are you ready to stop talking about writing and actually write? Let Suzette help you find the way.


  • Resistance to putting your butt in the chair and writing is insidious and universal. All writers experience it.
  • You are not powerless against resistance. Show up prepared to meet it. Learn to recognize its face. 
  • Get real with yourself. Decide whether you really want to get that book written. If you do, take on the mindset of a pro.
  • Pros show up and write whether they feel inspired or not.
  • Pros know they can’t do it alone.
  • Pros build support and accountability into their writing life to accomplish their goals.

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My goal is to break down the complex process of becoming an author so that you can finally write the book that’s been nagging or tugging at your heart. Even if you never plan to write a book, I’ll share tips that will help you become a more informed reader or a more effective writer in your work life.

So take out your pen and notebook (okay, your phone or laptop!) and let’s get started!

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