Working from home? Well, we’ve consulted with your coworkers, and we all agree it’s time you get out of the house, for your sake and theirs. 🙂

Our Coworking and Social Club is a place to work and socialize with other people. Safely.


Dex has been patiently putting up with you encroaching on his me time for over a year now, but that patience is wearing thin…

The Candy Factory Coworking and Social Club can save you not only from isolation but also from meeting an untimely demise at the paws of your beloved cat (who, in his defense had gotten used to an 8-hour break from you Monday – Friday)

We also know you need some ME TIME as well,  so after a productive workday, take a break in our meditation room, lounge in the Sixth Floor Clubhouse, or stop by the main hall for Barista Hour.


Max is your best friend and great company, but he doesn’t do the best job at keeping up with current events, pop culture, or even the weather.

If you’ve been feeling a little starved for conversation, why not try The Candy Factory Coworking and Social Club.

Here at TCF, you are guaranteed to find someone who can at the very least respond to you in full sentences.

Not sure you can leave Max home alone? No worries, The Candy Factory is puppy friendly.


Are you worried Bosco and Mittens may have overheard enough insider information at this point to start their own rival company and run yours out of business?

The Candy Factory Coworking and Social Club offer plenty of spaces to take calls away from prying ears and even the nosiest pets!

With conference rooms, phone booths, and cozy nooks to escape to, you will be productive, and your ideas are safe with us.

Want to tell the world about your services or products? Join our in-house Media Club and use our 2nd floor Media Studio to build content to share. Another perk of membership!


Sebastian never laughs at your jokes, and his general sass has started to take a toll on your self-esteem.

Save yourself from isolation and those judgmental looks by coming to work at The Candy Factory Coworking and Social Club!

The Candy Factory is a judgment-free zone, we got your back, and unlike Sebastian, we’ll tell you how great you are! We’re a social club for everyone.


You love Molly, and boy does she looooovvee you, especially now that you two are together 24/7! Unfortunately, Molly also loves performing her one-dog show in the background of every important webinar you attend. While your coworkers are impressed she does all her own stunts, her material may be getting a little stale.

Working out of The Candy Factory Coworking and Social Club gives Molly the chance to put together a new act in peace and gives you some peace as well.

Connect with others via the many clubs we have in-house or bring a guest to one of our social club gatherings. Something for everyone. Molly will appreciate the time, and so will you.

TCF Membership Details

Hi and welcome to The Candy Factory. We're a coworking space established in 2010 and located in the heart of downtown Lancaster PA. With over 250 members, our thriving community is comprised of small business owners, remote workers, freelancers, non-profits, and students.

Our welcoming space is ideal for those looking to get out of their home office, grow their business, and build their network. We provide a warm and inviting atmosphere while providing all the resources you need to get work done, meet with clients, and connect with others. While our campus is impressive and includes three buildings, a media studio, child care, a clubhouse,  7000 square feet of flex space, eight conference rooms, and more, it's the community that makes us unique.

We look forward to showing you around and welcoming you to our community.

See below for membership,  amenity details, and to schedule a tour.

All Memberships include unlimited: business-grade wifi, coffee + tea, and most are month to month. All memberships give you access to:

The Candy Factory is in the KIZ ZONE.

Community Member - $100.00

  • Access our coworking space during all open business hours (Monday - Saturday),
  • 20 conference/media room hours a month

Social Club - $50 Single or $75 Couple

  • Access to our Clubhouse Social Club Nights, Events + Clubs
  • Access to TCF Slack

Full-Time Member - $300.00

  • 24/7 access to our space
  • Dedicated Desk
  • 40 conference/media room hours a month

Private Offices starting at $600

Waiting List


The best of what coworking, social club, and a cafe have to offer. With 25,000 square feet of creative space to work, we have 3 floors of flex space, 14 private offices, 8 conference rooms, a sixth-floor clubhouse, 8 phone booths, bottomless drinks, flexible arrangements, hours, child care, and a media studio. Come and get work done on our secure fiber business enterprise network, connect with our community virtually and in person. We're here for you. Join the work club today.