The Candy Factory 5BY5 Podcast is a fun conversational podcast hosted by Jason Mundok and Robert Diggs. The two are constantly collecting interesting random topics for the show. On each episode, Jason’s iPad (his name is Frank) dishes up 5 of those random topics for 5 minutes each. Jason, Diggs, and a very special guest chat about each topic wherever it goes.

Sometimes serious, sometimes witty, and sometimes even entertaining(!), nobody knows where the conversation will go until it unfolds in the moment!

5BY5 Ep. 32 with Justin Quinn

Jason and Diggs virtually welcome Justin Quinn (for our second Justin episode in a row!), Head Nerd at the Lancaster based digital marketing agency Headline Consultants, to this episode of The Candy Factory 5BY5 Podcast! We chat for five minutes about five random topics that are presented to us by our good friend, Frank (aka Jason’s iPad).



5BY5 Ep. 33 with Arianna Henderson

5BY5 Ep. 33 with Arianna Henderson

Today we virtually welcome Arianna Henderson, Community Facilitator at The Candy Factory, to this episode of The Candy Factory 5BY5 podcast with Jason and Diggs.

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The Candy Factory 5BY5 Podcast is produced by the Candy Factory Collective, part of The Candy Factory Coworking Campus in Lancaster, PA. The Candy Factory Collective is a series of shows and events that will inspire, empower, educate, and entertain. The collective is made up of Candy Factory Members who are experts in their fields. 

Editing and additional production of 5BY5 is provided by Anna Tran. Music composed and recorded by (a really cool guy named) Jon Chinn (BKLYN).

Email if you have comments, questions, or feedback about the show.

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