Coworking is about building relationships that benefit you personally and professionally. We do that each day when we gather at The Candy Factory, and while we are an inclusive space that welcomes everyone, we understand that women have unique challenges especially when it comes to starting and growing a business. Over the last ten years, we have actively worked to connect and support women with programs and events that help them gather, imagine, create and thrive. In 2015 we started Kick-Ass Female entrepreneurs a meetup that looks to encourage and support women in business from around Central PA, and this meetup continues to evolve.

Women of Coworking

Women of Coworking Happy Hour

Another way The Candy Factory cultivates community amongst its female members is with a monthly happy hour called Women of Coworking. This gives women in our space an opportunity to get to know each other better in an intimate environment outside of work. We’re lucky to have such a fantastic group of women coworking and building community in our space and supporting their needs is a top priority. One need that we identified early was access to supervised childcare and when we had the room to add this component we started planning. Jelly Bellies was born!

Jelly Bellies – Onsite Childcare

I started my first business when my oldest son was in elementary school and formed The Candy Factory when my youngest son was only a year old. I know how difficult it can be for parents, especially moms who are self-employed, remote working or staying home to get a few hours of downtime. What if you need to meet with a client or take a call? What if you just need an hour or so to get bills paid or take a deep breath? Well, after years in the works, we’re so pleased to finally be going under construction for our surprised childcare facility called Jelly Bellies.

Jelly Bellies will be available to our members for up to 12 hours a week. You can learn more here.

These projects are just a few examples of how we look to support women in Lancaster!

We work alongside each other, we support each other, we grow, we’re a community making an impact and doing amazing things. Welcome to Coworking In Lancaster. Schedule a tour today and join our community!