Maybe I’m biased because I was born and raised in the Red Rose City, but Lancaster holds a special place in more hearts than just mine. Every year, more and more are discovering the magic this jewel of the Amish country offers. My personal affinity goes back to the early aughts, when my childhood self was becoming conscious of all the fun and unique things going on in my community, but more importantly, just beginning to understand the concept of a community itself. 

My earliest memories center around warm spring and summer days spent participating in hula hooping competitions during block parties on the 300 block or vying for anything chocolate at cake walks in Musser Park. I can still picture what seemed like millions of multicolored rubber ducks making their way down the Conestoga for Schreiber Pediatrics’ annual Rubber Duckie Race. Perhaps some of my most vivid recollections stem from evenings spent roaming the streets on First Friday. Going from gallery to gallery, gazing up at the works of local artists, was the pinnacle of sophistication for my 8-year-old self. Of course, I’d be remiss if I brought up sophistication and made no mention of the Fulton Opera House. While I can’t remember the first show I ever saw there, I can recall walking in and experiencing the opulence of the lobby for the first time and the rush of anticipation for the curtain to rise. It was a feeling of awe and wonder that could only be rivaled by the planetarium shows at the North Museum. I was exposed to so much culture, art, music, and history. It was around every corner. There were ample opportunities to expand my mind and worldview without ever having to leave the neighborhood. We didn’t even have to break the bank with programs like the free Summer Music Series at Long’s Park, a fixture of summers in Lancaster county to this day.

 Looking back, I realize that this experience wouldn’t have been available to me had it not been for a  community of people coming together to make it happen. As a child and throughout my life, I have taken this city for granted. It’s certainly not as big or as flashy as, say, New York or even Philadelphia. However, it has everything those places have, and maybe even more. I am so grateful to have grown up in a city made up of such an active and passionate group of individuals. Coming to work at TCF was like stepping into a microcosm of Lancaster. It’s a perfect snapshot of everything that makes up this city, particularly everything that makes it great. If you are new to the area and looking for the best way to immerse yourself in the spirit of Lancaster, TCF is the place to be.

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Meet the Author: Arianna

Meet the Author: Arianna

Community Facilitator / Blogger

In September of 2019 Arianna started working at The Candy Factory,  and the rest is history!

Not a fan of cooking, Arianna can often be found taking advantage of the amazing local restaurant scene. When the weather is warmer, she is also likely out exploring the surrounding forests.