It’s easy to find a nice spot to work from home, but is it ideal for you in the long run? A common plight of the remote worker is isolation. That’s what makes the concept of coworking so attractive. The true spirit and the real beauty of any coworking space is the “co.” (for community), not just the “working.”

A community is not something that can be bought at West Elm. It’s something consciously cultivated. A good community can transform a space more than an accent wall ever could. While The Candy Factory boasts 25,000 sq ft. of beautifully decorated interiors. If you stripped away all its superficial charm, you would be left with something just as alluring because we are more than just a pretty space. We are a living, breathing community of some of the most genuine, talented, and creative minds you will ever come across in Lancaster county. And if you look closer, you’ll see just how beautiful that truly is.

There’s nothing more magnificent than watching strangers turn into friends. Nothing’s more radiant than knowing you have a whole network you can lean on whenever life throws a curveball, professionally or personally. And nothing more dazzling than being a part of something bigger than yourself. 

When you have the option to choose where you work, you can work anywhere with wifi and a place to put your laptop. But why would you work just anywhere when you could work here?

Ways our members can engage with our community:

  • Join one of our many member clubs- From wine and whiskey to the media club. There’s a way for anyone to connect
  • Come to one of our member events – We offer a wide variety of programming every month. Check out the calendars throughout the space, our website, and regular slack updates so you can know what’s happening!
  • Sit at a shared table… and say hi to whoever sits across from you. Sometimes it can be as easy as that. 

When it comes to seeking out a place to cowork, below are a few questions to ask yourself:

    • What am I actually in search of? A place to work, or a community / network / resources to grow etc.
    • Is building your network important? Do they offer events and regular programming to get you connected?
    • What kind of vibe are you looking for? Do you like the buzz of a busy cafe? Quiet like a library? A mix of both? Does the space fit your vibe?
    • How best do you work? Do you prefer to sit, stand, lounge? Can you see yourself working from this space? 
    • Do they provide the tools you need to do your best work?
    • Is the space community focused? If you’re seeking community, does this space focus on community?

If you’re looking for a cool workspace, that also focused on community, you’ve come to the right place. Schedule a tour, and let us introduce you to the “co” of The Candy Factory.

Meet the Author: Arianna

Meet the Author: Arianna

Community Facilitator / Blogger

In September of 2019 Arianna started working at The Candy Factory,  and the rest is history!

Not a fan of cooking, Arianna can often be found taking advantage of the amazing local restaurant scene. When the weather is warmer, she is also likely out exploring the surrounding forests.