Timbrel Adidala—owner of Lush Bazaar—started teaching orphans at an underprivileged school in India. This soon blossomed into a business with a purpose. Timbrel realized that many women were in need of a stable income as well as the chance to change the lives of their families. By blending these women’s intricate sewing talents with Timbrel’s fashion-forward creativity, a gorgeous clothing line was formed. Every piece inside your closet tells a story and has begun from scratch.

“What I don’t think people understand is that these women are weaving the fabrics by hand, truly starting from scratch,” Timbrel explains. Currently, Lush Bazaar is sold locally at That Shuu Girl—owned by female entrepreneur, Nicole Vasquez. But, Timbrel’s goal for 2017 is to be introduced to stores and boutiques in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

Would her socially conscious fashion line, one that inspires and empowers, fit in your shop? Contact Timbrel!

(717) 283-7389