Untitled-2On Tuesday, September 29th, Candy Factory members joined the community in support of the Rambo House Project, a net-zero home on Mifflin Street in Lancaster, PA.

Ron Rambo was born with Cerebal Palsey. This condition has greatly influenced his mobility, limiting him to a wheelchair for most of his adult life. Moreover, Ron is a low-income renter in the city, limiting his selection of handicap accessible housing.

Untitled-12That’s where Team Rambo came in. The Rambo Project was born. The house will be equipped with the latest energy-efficient technologies and designed in a way which will provide ease-of-access for Ron, his family and the community.

For more information, including fundraising opportunities, team members and a letter from Ron, please visit www.ramboland.com. ‘Like’ Team Rambo on Facebook .