annekirbyI’ve been fortunate in my ten years of self-employment to have a steadfast support system who’ve celebrated with me in the good times and cried with me in the bad times. That network is something I’ve both purposely built and serendipitously met over the years, including family, friends, coworkers, peers, mentors, and more. Without that network, I would not be where I am today. We are who we are by our personalities, our passions and our ambitions, but only in part. We are also who we are because of our network of support. We are because of the people who inspire us, challenge us, support us, connect us and even those who abandon us. This shapes us.

We all face struggles that can hinder us or strengthen us. I was an average student in high school but thrived in higher education. I was a young single mom going to school full time, working and raising my son. I was a struggling freelancer trying to find work out of college in a small town in Western Pennsylvania and moved to find better opportunities for myself and my family. I’ve seen the good in people and the worst and I’ve somehow, thanks to my network, made it this far. From these experiences, I’ve learned how important the people who influence my life are, and, if I can offer one person a hand then I’ve given back.

While I am proud of what I’ve accomplished as an individual, as a woman, and as a small-business owner, I realize the web of supportive individuals who have helped me along the way. It is this realization that makes me so passionate about women supporting women.

Sweetie is about being a part of a supportive community, to inspire and offer a hand or gentle push when needed. While nothing is perfect, we are all in it together.

What is Sweetie….

It’s not easy running your own business, running a household, or working in corp america. Sometimes you just need to stop what you’re doing, pour yourself a glass of wine and chat with other women like yourself about the positives and, yes, negatives of running your own business.

The Candy Factory is happy to present Sweetie, a network event for all the ladies out there who own their own business (yes that means you stay at home women busting your butt keeping your home running), those who are interested in entrepreneurship but haven’t yet taken the leap and of course for all you working women who just want to meet others.

Like everything else at the Candy Factory this is not your typical networking event. This is a casual gathering of women discussing ideas, tips and tricks of getting by in the business world, how to manage work, family and life.

We’ll provide the wine and the cool space you just need to bring yourself and spread the word. No fees, no referrals needed, no events you have to attend. Just a time to relax and chat with others like yourself. Oh and we’re FREE 🙂

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