We chatted with two members who now work at standing desks.

Greg Yoder—who has been working at a standing desk for sometime now—began waking up with a lot of stiffness in his upper back and neck. After doing some research, he ordered a standing desk from Autonomous. Greg now spends many of his days standing and working without thinking twice about it, but loves having the option of sitting as well. “I sometimes fidget or shift weight from one leg to the other, which I think is good for the body,” he says. He also says that coming home and relaxing is much easier. “I can now sit down and actually relax, rather than sitting all day at work and then going home to sit some more.” Greg bought a standing mat from Amazon.com, which he feels is important instead of standing on hard concrete.

Doug Kauffman—who assembled his desk yesterday—is looking forward to the results. “I noticed a lot of back pain,” Doug says. “I would rotate in my chair and my back would crack.” He ordered an Autonomous SmartDesk after doing a lot of research on how to alleviate his pain.

The greatest part of Autonomous desks is that they’re SmartDesks. This means you can pre-program different heights, and they change with the push of a button. If there are multiple people using the same desk, it’s helpful to have presets for an easy change.