We’re passionate about coworking and collaborative spaces, especially in Pennsylvania! Our movement has been growing like wild-fire and while that is very exciting it also offers some challenges. We see spaces operating in silos and struggling to build communities. We’ve heard they are having a hard time articulating to the public what it is they are trying to build, and are unsure how to show the impact they are making in their community. Many are having issues building awareness, not only to the general public but also from local and state government.

Those challenges inspired us to ask questions. How do you build and maintain a thriving community? How do you secure funding for your projects? How do you connect with other coworking spaces and have shared learning along the way?

We are thrilled to announce the launch of The Collective Group, a nonprofit membership organization intended to connect coworking & collaborative spaces on a state-wide level while offering resources to help spaces all around Pennsylvania navigate the answers to these challenging questions. We intend to offer shared resources, including marketing to build awareness, community engagement tactics, increased government awareness and access to potential funding sources.

The Collective Group embodies core coworking values: Collaboration, Community, Openness, Accessibility, Sustainability. We are confident that a Pennsylvania collective focused on helping bring us all together with the goal of building a sustainable, responsible and collaborative movement will benefit not just each and every space but each and every community we do business in.

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