Below is a comment to a thread on my personal wall that I wanted to share with you all. The topics that have been touched on are resourcefulness, frustration and becoming overwhelmed with work, ideas that can’t move forward. Here is one of my responses and I believe it’s one of the main benefits to being in a Coworking space.

“I agree, it’s hard not to become overwhelmed and frustrated in the process but I have found The Candy Factory to be a great outlet for my frustration. (not a cheap plug) Creatives (People) need to surround themselves with other creatives (People), it’s amazing the energy. So when you’re feeling overwhelmed you have someone to vent to who can in turn help you refocus or offer help. I think that’s one of the powers of coworking that not everyone understands, even some of our own members. You have to be open to it and the possibilities are endless.”