Online Business Systems has become an official Squareholder Sponsor of The Candy Factory, who holds membership for Online’s Information Security Consultant, Adam Kehler. Becoming a Squareholder Sponsor contributes to The Candy Factory community, supporting their expansions and growth while also benefitting the sponsors with visibility throughout the space and on social media.

Adam Kehler specializes in Health Information Security. He works with healthcare organizations of all sizes as well as State and Federal Agencies to ensure they are protecting their health information and complying with regulations and industry standards such as HIPAA/HITECH, ISO 27001, and NIST.

“I’ve been a member of the Candy Factory for a little over a year. As a “home-based” knowledge worker, I see it as a great place to work in a professional environment without the distractions of being at home. I have also built many valuable long-lasting personal and professional connections here. It really is so much more than just a desk in an office.”

Adam works for Online Business Systems, an information technology and business consultancy that has seen the benefits of coworking.

Online believes there are numerous benefits to co-working spaces, including:

  • A professional setting where team members can focus on their activities, without the distractions of home
  • Many opportunities to meet and network with other professionals
  • Cost is not a barrier to renting the facilities because they are cheaper than leasing a full office
  • Team members who work out of the same coworking space can book rooms for meetings in person
  • The facility offers a feeling of connectivity that one does not have when working from home alone

Online expects that as they continue to grow and hire throughout Canada and the US, co-working spaces will only increase in popularity.

About Online Business Systems

Founded in 1986, Online Business Systems is an information technology and business consultancy. We help enterprise customers enhance their competitive advantage by designing improved business processes enabled with robust and secure information systems. In addition to technology and business consulting, we provide advanced solutions in information security, customer experience, and service management. We work across sectors and have acquired deep knowledge within our targeted industries.

Our unsurpassed delivery, our people, and the Online culture of loyalty, trust, and commitment to mutual success set us apart. For 30 years, Online has maintained rigorous hiring practices, a commitment to career mentorship and professional development, as well as a balance in meeting the expectations and needs of our clients, consultants, and corporate shareholders. The results are tangible – high morale and low staff turnover, numerous awards for being a great place to work, and consistently high Glassdoor ratings. Today we have nearly 300 business and technical consultants throughout Canada and the US.