Workplace Flexibility

Workplace flexibility is truly a dream. And whether you’re starting an innovative business or you work remotely for a company, considering coworking spaces has probably crossed your mind. And if it hasn’t yet, it should!

The Candy Factory was the first coworking space in Central PA and its inception was the result of discovering the incredible coworking movement after owner Anne Kirby felt very isolated working from home.

Plus, working from home can be SUPER distracting! Dishes need done, laundry needs done, Netflix binging is super tempting, and when the kids are out of school over the summer—forget about getting any quality work done! By joining The Candy Factory, you are not only avoiding the isolation one feels not being around other innovative and creative minds, you are also tapping into an incredible network among the members.

Schedule a Tour

Schedule a tour of our 14,000 square feet of workspace in the historic Lancaster Storage Company and experience the creative buzz that flows through each floor of our space! Start out with a Day Pass for just $10 (includes business-grade fiber WiFi, a space to work, and endless free coffee) OR purchase at least $6 worth of items from Perkup & Co., our social enterprise cafe, and work here for free by showing us your receipt!