Robert’s got a colorful past, befitting of a design agitator. Before starting his career in Industrial Design he designed his family home at eighteen – the first of three in the states and one abroad. Finding himself working in the built environment on top LEED designs projects around the world however, he couldn’t help but feel oddly uninspired. It was on the road like Kerouac during a soul-searching journey across the US that Robert first began to wonder whether his heart might belong to sustainability—a designer from the Art Institute of Colorado having designed biomimetic wind turbines, and green practice methodologies winning notoriety from the likes of the DaVinci Institute.

Returning to Denver with new direction, Robert cut his design teeth cofounding re:thought, a sustainability consultancy firm, before making the jump to the educational side of experiential exhibit design at the Children’s Museum of Denver, the company he would usher into Silver certification by the EPA for green construction and a robust Environmental Management System (EMS) while designing and prototyping exhibits in-house while validating STEM teaching methods through play.

Like many an existential would be designer-founder, Robert left CMD and the world of exhibit design with the desire to use his design skillset to really create some impact. Founding yet another company, Phi Logic imbuing his sights for design-led disruption.

Phi Logic, is now gradually growing into one of the most industry-diverse success stories of this century and has to date worked in the renewable energy, neighborhood master planning and visioning, softgoods, casegoods, furniture, built environment, consumer packaged goods, electronics, experiential exhibit design, outdoor gear, landscape design, and social change projects.

Robert now splits his time between Phi Logic and the Director for Industrial Design with Skyscraper Inc., a CPG market research and innovation firm based in Lancaster, PA working with top Fortune 500’s around the globe.

Robert is personally most interested in exploring the ways and means through which biomimicry, social exchange, user-centric research, and moral imperative can progress the current state of humanity and the world.

What does Coworking mean to you?

Coworking to me on the surface, is umbrella housing for companies to work in relatively close proximity, usually under one roof. Digging deeper I believe that coworking has the potential to create the impetus for serendipitous collaboration often and offer a rich brew of skillets for easier cross-pollination ultimately creating higher output not only in volume of projects, but quality and trust – when this occurs companies will most often flourish and grow at ever-expanding rates beyond what could have been possible lone wolf-ing it…it’s also a much more sustainable vector for operation.