Karen is the Director of Development and Marketing for Excentia. Excentia is a non-profit charitable organization in Lancaster County that provides services for children and adults with developmental needs. For more than 23 years, Karen has worked in the charitable arena – specializing in fundraising and marketing for educational and nonprofit organizations. She helps to implement creative ideas and solutions to improve an organization’s program by providing hands-on work experience in planning and executing both annual fundraising operations and long-term capital campaigns. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Cabrini College.

My husband, Alan, and I moved to Lancaster nearly 11 years ago. He is originally from Ottawa, Canada and I am from Boiling Springs, PA. We love Lancaster and all that it has to provide for our family. We have two children Colin and Emma Belle, two dogs, two turtles, and occasionally a fish or two from a variety of the local county festivals.

What does Coworking mean to you?

I am so excited to be part of this Coworking environment. To me, coworking means energy, sharing and feeling part of something very unique! As a person who has been in my field for a while now (it’s always hard for me to believe it’s been more than 20 years!), I was thrilled to be offered by Excentia to move my Department to the “remote world.” The atmosphere is exciting and the energy is infused, making me want to work harder and engage those around me to share the work that we do and how, maybe, we can help one another.