At the age of 6, Monica and her family took a weekend road trip from their home in Queens, NY to Lancaster County. She told them that it was, “the most beautiful place she ever saw,” and that she would move there someday. As lifelong New Yorkers, they chuckled. But 12 years later, they were helping her move into her freshman dorm at Millersville University of Pennsylvania, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Studies.

Monica’s passion is travel and she has been to more than 20 countries, having studied in London, worked in South Korea, and backpacked through Europe.

This passion for exploring the world is part of what lead her to where she is currently enrolled as a full time student, learning about Web Development and Design/UX. Her goal is to build beautiful things that are also useful and that people enjoy using, and to be able to do this from anywhere.

You should contact Monica if you have a really amazing opportunity or idea! You should also like laughing a lot, because her factory settings has her default set to humor and a complete inability to take herself too seriously.

You should not contact Monica if you are allergic to cats.