Hi , I’m Andrew Mayers, Co-Owner of Let’s Click Technology Solutions. Let’s Click provides interpersonal trainings and classes on everyday technologies such as smartphones , tablets, and computers. If you of someone you know would benefit form having a technology tutor, Lets Click !

What does Coworking mean to you?

To me, Coworking means community . Having the love and support of people around you who have similar goals, passions, and positive energy to make the world a better place.

What would you like to see happen in new space. Event ideas, workshops, resources etc.

I would like to both participate and teach workshops. I love having resources availably to continue to learn, grow, and develop.

Would you be interested in hosting a workshop or lunch and learn? If so what topics would you like to explore?

Haha I just answered this above. I would absolutely love to host a workshop, or lead a lunch and learn. We can lead a educational program on a veriaty of topics such as; –

-How to integrate your phone with your business
-Phone Photography and editing
-Business Apps 101
-How to buy and upgrade your phone

just a few examples.