When you look up the definition of energy, you will find a photo of Wayne.  This guy exudes fitness! Supplement specialist, specialized trainer, Combine trainer, contributing author to The Athletic Build, plus founder & chief performance of ITrainWithWayne…all in a 16 hour day (he has to sleep a little!)

Wayne Mutata, award-winning, certified personal trainer and life coach, founded iTrainStudio in 2014 with a mission to offer individuals a warm, welcoming fitness space in which they could truly be themselves.  Whether you’re a beginner or you’re just looking to change up your routine, Wayne & his team offer solutions for every fitness level.

Wayne attributes his love of bodybuilding to a missionary visiting his hometown in Zimbabwe.  She shared with him a photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger and hence began his quest to be “big!” He started exercising in his village and in true entrepreneur spirit, began charging other youngsters 10 cents each to work out with him.   He was determined to raise enough money to purchase a plane ticket to America. 3 years later Wayne got his wish. Upon entering the gate, he was asked for his VISA…”who’s Visa?” Needless to say, Wayne was escorted away and returned to his village defeated.  He told his mother, “I can’t do it anyway. Arnold is big and I’m not.” His mother looked at him and said, “If size mattered, the elephant would be the king of the jungle. You’re a lion!”

Wayne is a lion!  And he never gives up! When Wayne arrived in America, he worked hard to integrate himself into the health & fitness industry.  He attended the National Personal Training Institute of Philadelphia, receiving a degree in Physiology and Anatomy with a minor in Dietary Nutrition and Exercise Science.  

His passion to help individuals reach their fullest potential beyond the gym is to be commended.  Wayne is a pay-it-forward kind of guy! Recently, he agreed to sponsor 2 Seconds or Less, a non-profit which aids children in his home country of Zimbabwe and also a fellow member of The Candy Factory, to help guarantee a successful fund-raising dinner.  With Wayne on your side, you can conquer any task at hand!

One of Wayne’s focuses this year will be the importance of exercise for an aging population…Maintaining an active lifestyle is vital to sustaining health and happiness.  In other words…you are never too old to start taking care of yourself…Check out ITrainWithWayne!