CDM is a family owned business that offers noise and vibration control solutions for buildings and architecture.  Based out of Belgium, the team of Flo & Bradlay are conquering the US out of the Candy Factory!

What started out in the 1950s as a cork manufacturing company has now grown into an international corporation with high level acoustical and structural engineering. The most recent projects in the US include The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA, NYC), Comcast Technology and Innovation Center Tower (Philadelphia, PA), and countless recording studios, radio stations, theaters, and cinemas.

Brad is sales and project management, while Flo is Director of US operations.  No wonder these two are always travelling…

Colorado native Brad started his training in downtown Chicago primarily music production with a focus on audio for visual media and quickly switched to straight up acoustics.  Having moved to Orange County, California to start up Intertek’s new acoustical laboratory, which he managed from the construction phase…Brad was in the market for a home.  Homes in SoCal are beyond expensive,  so newlyweds Brad and Michelle decided to head back East to be closer to Michelle’s  family. CDM Systems was hiring remote workers and the rest, as they say…is history!

While Flo, with a name like SASSMANNSHAUSEN, I will let you guess where he is from!  Born in Bad Berleburg (bad means bath…it’s a spa town) in a German National Park. During his studies at university, he worked at a manufacturer of sports flooring and noise control products which led into acoustics.  When he graduated, they asked him to lead their new acoustic sales division. He gained tons of experience in multiple European, Canadian, South African and Asian markets.

Having met his wife Merideth at a shooting & beer festival in his hometown (she was visiting from Lancaster) he stalked her on FB & skype (JK-she was interested in him too) at which point their relationship gained traction and was in the “moving in together” phase…Flo requested a transfer to the US subsidiary located in Lebanon.

In January 2018 Flo joined CDM.   “CDM was the right fit for me: eager to grow and invest, highly specialized and reputable, passionate about acoustics and solving noise problems in buildings.”

Most projects CDM provides support for is not local, COWORKing  provides a great balance. Both Flo & Brad enjoy the company of others at the Candy Factory, “it adds that aspect of socializing for us. “

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