Your Story Finder – A Personal Writing Coach To College & Beyond…for over eight years, Suzette has helped students  communicate their stories to colleges and graduate schools, thereby improving their higher education options. The personal statement essay has become a more important differentiator as standardized testing becomes less critical. What a potential student say about their life, experiences, struggles, wishes, and dreams…has more weight than you might think!  

In the late 1980s, this Wellesley/Harvard Law alumna wrote and edited for the Harvard Women’s Law Journal, now called the Harvard Journal of Law and Gender, considered the nation’s foremost student-edited feminist law journal. During law school, she married a man and later had two handsome boys.  It was during their college selection process that she realized the stress and anxiety inherent in the admissions essay writing process and that families could benefit from her expertise. Soon thereafter, this entrepreneur founded Montauk Writer, which later evolved into Your Story Finder.  Suzette has coached hundreds of students to write authentic and effective college and graduate school admissions essays that communicate their unique stories, in their own voices.

Suzette too has evolved and is re-writing her own story!  

Several years ago while she was In the process of writing a memoir, she came out to herself and then to friends and family, identifying as a lesbian. She has added advocate for human rights of LGBTQ+ people to her resume. This June, Suzette, and friend Karen Foley will help open the Lancaster LGBTQ+ Center in the newly formed Candy Factory Community Hub. The center will be a resource to the members of the LGBTQ+ community in Lancaster County, with youth, building community, seeking solutions for poverty and homelessness, and intersectionality as the initial priorities. The Center’s goal is that one day, all of humanity will jointly and proudly agree, LOVE is LOVE.

In her role as President of Your Story Finder, Suzette is currently meeting with Class of 2020 Essay Clients … and offering a free consultation to parents, which can be scheduled here: or check out Your Story Finder.

The Lancaster LGBTQ+ Center plans a soft opening in the Community Hub on June 1, and will be open to the public in early July.