Ask anyone who has either worked for or with Steve,  and they will describe him as loyal and patient…add to that list, “cleans up!” Having successfully owned and operated Paul Davis Restoration in Lancaster, Steve will again undoubtedly clean house in his recent venture, “Rotay Capital Finance,” a commercial funding company with over 62 sources of financing.  

Steve attributes his business success to being a Marine.  The Corp taught him an appreciation for pride, order and quality.  His lifelong experience in sales, management, and customer service probably doesn’t hurt either.  In addition, Steve’s industry oriented education in regards to system design, development and operations is a win win.  Is it possible an Airbus H155 with Rotay branding is far off?

This pay it forward guy enjoys combining work with pleasure whenever possible.  He thoroughly enjoys supporting his two daughter’s ever-growing endeavors, and can equally be found chilling with a nice burgundy with wife Melissa…perhaps on his boat?

Having only joined the CF in January of this year, his business savvy is already on the up tic.  Recently adding 3 employees, and utilizing a multitude of freelance contracts, it’s looking like Rotay Capital Finance may be a permanent fixture in the Community HUB expansion – hint hint!   

If you need commercial real estate or AR financing, equipment leasing, unsecured LOC’s or simply any type of business funding…Steve Rotay is your man!  Looking for an original piece of fine art with the Rotay name on it…maybe not.