Meet Saba and Olayinka, the ladies behind Melanin Essentials!
At the young ages of 12 and 15, the Melanin Essentials co-founders used chemical relaxers to transform their naturally coily kinks into straight, Euro-American styled hair. Over time, both experienced hair thinning, breakage, and loss as a result of excessive heat styling and chemical means. After experiencing four plus years of stunted hair growth, Olayinka and Saba ditched the relaxers and embarked on their own natural hair journey, embracing their naturally kinky, curly hair.
In search of a product tailored for them, they began experimenting with their own homemade hair products using raw, unadulterated ingredients, and stumbled upon the humble beginnings of Melanin Essentials. Today, Olayinka and Saba are motivated to spread awareness through providing their hair products to empower women of color, as well as their skin and body products—ultimately as a healthy alternative for all skin types.
What gets them excited about coworking? Olayinka says, “Working together, growing together!” and Saba says, “Working alongside others, in hopes of everyone’s success.”
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