Meet Luis Quiñones!
Luis works for Kimber Accounting as a Junior Accountant. Before deciding to work in Business Administration, Luis was a nursing major in the Reading Hospital Nursing Program. “No matter what you are doing,” Luis says, “you’re always going to be working for some type of business.” Luis realized he would much rather work behind the scenes where he has more control, and plans on becoming a CPA after he graduates from Millersville University. Luis sees that gaining experience through nursing and accounting will put him in a better position to eventually hold a management role at the Reading Hospital or LGH.
In his spare time, Luis does portrait photography and started a meet-up group called the Lancaster Photography Collective in December of 2016.
Luis believes that coworking provides the opportunity to build mentoring relationships with industry leading professionals. He sees every member of the Candy Factory as someone that was once in his shoes and has answers to his entrepreneurship questions.