Meet Laura Chapman! Laura is a new member here at The Candy Factory.

Laura went to Grove City College where she received a degree in Business and Spanish; she studied abroad in Spain one semester. Additionally, she also obtained professional insurance designations through continuing education courses including ARM (Associate in Risk Management) and CIC (Certified Insurance Counselor). “Yes, I am a super nerd,” she admits.

Laura says that she understands most people don’t aspire to be in insurance and neither did she! She explains, “But, I graduated in 2009 and there were few jobs, so I took the one offer I got—with an insurance company in Minnesota.” There, Laura trained for a year, which included classroom and field training to be a risk manager, and then took a field territory in Knoxville, TN. After getting married, Laura moved back to State College, PA, which is where she had a sales territory at the time.

“I got in touch with someone I knew at Lacher & Associates and a few interviews later, they hired me! It has been the best career move I’ve made,” Laura says of her job. She loves working for a small business that cares about its team members, and the owners have given Laura career opportunities beyond what she could have ever imagined!

When it comes to coworking, Laura hopes to make connections and friendships to help integrate her and her husband into a new community! “When I worked exclusively from home, I used to hate starting work on a Monday not having anyone to talk to about my weekend.” Well, Laura, we will certainly make sure you have an outlet for that here at The Candy Factory!

As for her free time, Laura just gave birth to a daughter in February of this year! Her name is Evelyn (Evie) and she is smiley, happy, and fun. Laura actually grew up in Lititz, PA and only lives six blocks away from the Candy Factory now. She and her husband love international food and are excited to be within walking distance of so many great restaurants. She loves eating out, reading, going to walks with Evie, playing nerd strategy games like Settlers and Seven Wonders, and plays piano/sings. She also loves podcasts like Criminal, This American Life, Revisionist History, and Invisibilia. Fun fact, Laura only wears a contact in one eye.

Say hi to Laura next time you see her!