What does a radio personality & an Outsourced CFO have in common?

Why Kauffman CPA of course!  Kyle says, “Doug made him an offer he couldn’t refuse”… but the true attraction was 1) COWORKing in the coolest place downtown, the Candy Factory and 2) the opportunity to get back into public accounting.  Working as a financial expert providing strategy services on a project -basis has major appeal to this long time construction services accountant.

Kyle brings a very diverse set of skills to the Kauffman CPA team.  From his volunteerism in accounting for numerous non-profits such as Harvest Bible Chapel, to board member of the Children Deserve a Chance Foundation (organization that aids the financial, emotional and spiritual development of underprivileged and disabled youth), to being a mentor at the Lancaster County Prison…Kyle works hard and plays even harder.  He is definitely a give it 100 percent kind of guy.

Kyle enjoys all the opportunities that accounting allows for proving business owners with insights and strategy.  While this CPA and Chartered Global Management Accountant was initially hesitant to try COWORKing, he has come to love it due to the chance to meet an array of great folks that normally would not be in his sphere of cohorts.

Kyle could quite possibly be labeled OCD…is being organized a bad thing? He offsets this tendency with his witty, funny and on occasion –  musical personality. Coldplay is his go to band…you just may hear him humming along “lights will guide you home…” This family man has one true love, Laura and two gorgeous girls, Mya and Ava.  One of these days, he and his family will make that bucket list trip to Italy…for no less than one month across the pond.

Welcome to COWORKing Kyle!  Remember to come down from Floor 5 on occasion…I may have an oatmeal raisin cookie with your name on it in the Main Hall.