Meet Kelly Fasnacht! He is a coworker at ROCK CANDY.
Kelly owns Kel Lee 3D, a 3D printing service which also offers machine shop training and consulting. Kel Lee 3D offers rapid prototyping and small run production, and he currently prints ABS and PLA from a HyRel System 30 M Printer. His goal is to obtain an SLA printer so he can get into creating jewelry and smaller detailed parts.

Kelly has over 35 years of experience in the precision machining field as a machinist, CNC programmer, and CAD/CAM user. Among many other skills, Kelly is also a certified personal trainer¬†and has another business called Kelly’s Postcards, where he purchases and sells vintage postcards at shows and on eBay.

So far, Kelly loves coworking. He says, “By working at Rock Candy I hope to meet the right people and network / sell myself so as not to have to continue my day job as a part time machinist.”

Welcome, Kelly!