Dr. Myer,  Senior Engineer for HydroLogics, is one of the numerous companies here at the CF that has transitioned from traditional brick & mortar office buildings to the concept of COWORKing.   Coworking remotely has a level of freedom that allows you to create your own priorities as well as enable collaboration, foster interpersonal skills, and offer teams a chance to meet up and tackle projects together.

HydroLogics specializes in the development and application of computer models to advance the management of water resources.  They have a large influence on how water is managed, particularly in the United States, where roughly 20% of the population has benefited from their work.

Their clients range in size from the largest corporations in the world to the local watershed coalitions, from water and power utilities to state agencies and environmental groups.

Eliot specializes in applied research of hydrology, climate, energy, and financial insurance to the management of water resources, particularly under uncertainty and scarcity.  He combines technical expertise and communication skills to advance innovative and practical management solutions for which HydroLogics is known.