What can you do with a degree in neuroscience?

For David, it’s quietly starting a digital development agency right here under the “Cloak” of the Candy Factory!  David and fellow “Candy” man Craig Clark are the secret agents behind Cloak&Dagger, who partner with both brands and the creative agencies that support them, engaging as either a full-stack decoupled development team, or as a full-service creative digital agency…undoubtedly rocking it either way with style…shaken not stirred…

C&D is founded on the singular principle that clients are paying for expert results, not agency overhead and culture. And besides, David says, “there are truckloads of genuine style and culture right here @ 342 N Queen. C&D loves calling the Candy Factory family “the mothership” for their operations.” 

David’s talents stem not only from his deep understanding of the digital marketplace in big AD cities like New York, but also from his unavoidable tendency to be genuine; a perfect balance of poise, confidence, and humility. He defines team player, and always fosters positive discussions and collaboration. 

Cloak & Dagger is the grown-up start-up, and they are made in the USA….right here under our roof!