Floor 5 just got a bit more explosive!  Enter Darren Landis, volcano climbing ex ranger…whaaaat?  Yes, Darren was a National Park Ranger (kinda like Smokey the Bear, just least notable–haha)

Darren is currently the Program Director for Bench Mark Program…a strength-based family of mentors who use exercise, academic support, and career counseling to propel at-risk youth toward successful futures, founded by TCF member Will Kiefer.  

His major responsibility is administering Bench Mark Program’s latest endeavor, the Strength Based Skill Building Program (SBSB).   The program operates in conjunction with Lancaster County Juvenile Probation. SBSB consists of males between the ages of 14-18 who are court ordered through Juvenile Probation to participate in the program for six months.   The objective is to build relationships and offer alternatives to prevent recidivism or transitioning to the adult justice system.

Darren is beyond passionate when it comes to mentoring these kids.  Most times they are simply trapped in a cycle of trauma & pain for one reason or another.  His goal is to incorporate some of his ranger training, law enforcement background and love of nature to help “break the chain.”

Bench Mark could use a little help from you… they continually are looking to add mentors, need guest speakers or really assistance from anyone interested in making a difference in a young person’s life who unfortunately made a few bad choices!  Reach out…trust me…the life you change may be your own.