How does an environmental geologist/geophysicist end up as a free-lance sound engineer/ production manager/tour manager … frack if I know! Actually, music was always a hobby of Dan’s…now it’s his profession!  That’s what we call doing something you LOVE!

From humble beginnings working the Chameleon Club in Lancaster to now producing music with an array of notable bands; The Word, The Wood Brothers, Ween, The Dean Ween Group, Robert Walter, Rob Thomas, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, Anders Osborne, Stanton Moore, Medeski Martin & Wood, Lettuce, and Marco Benevento…to name a few!  

Dan is a  talented musician in his own right, playing keyboards for local bands such as Slackwater News and the False Bottoms.   Audio, production, management, mixing…and he collects vintage keyboards…sweet!

Being in the biz has him rubbing elbows with some pretty cool folk…Krist Novoselic of Nirvana once gave him a big ‘ole hug, Madonna told him to stop his sound check while preparing for the Central Park Summer Stage in NYC (in her defense, she was trying to film a movie), and he got to meet Ben Vaughn, a radio show personality that Dan listens to do daily.  

When asked why COWORKING…”I love the workability, creativity and social aspect of the Candy Factory.  I enjoy the members…they help me to focus and of course, provide incredibly valuable connections!”

To our veteran members:  You may remember Dan had a music studio above the original CF…apparently we reciprocated positive influences!  That’s how we ROCK & ROLL!