She’ll Bring The Flair & This Talented Dreamer Is A Passionate Collaborator!

You’ll feel instantly at ease when you meet Dana Robertson with Pennant Creatives. She’s an old soul with a contemporary vision and she loves working side-by-side with her husband Chris Breimhurst (also a Candy Factory member) who’s “The Designer” at Pennant.

This talented singer and hula hooper is mom to Mira, who’s 2, and a spirited happy child. Dana wants to be a songwriter when she grows up and will write songs for kids, jingles and the occasion heartfelt ballad.

A poet, family storyteller, and musician since childhood, Dana has a lifelong love of all things creative and community. Her passion for community led to a master’s degree in Social Work. In her field, she applied design-thinking to tackle large-scale systemic change to alleviate poverty and end homelessness. With her creative tenacity and strengths-based mindset, she draws out the possibility in each endeavor.

When she’s collaborating with clients, she loves hearing their stories and walking with them as they show their strengths to the world and to me — and says there’s nothing better than that. Her unofficial job title is “the bringer of the flair”.

When she has a weekend to do whatever her heart desires, she loves taking a morning hike, singing some songs and dancing a bit… then in the evening you can find her sitting under the stars with the people she loves and talking about things that matter to them!

Check out Pennant Creatives at or you can find Dana usually in the Main Hall of the Candy Factory.