Meet Bethany Bachman!

Bethany wis the Managing Editor of Liberty Healthshare℠, a Christian healthcare sharing ministry. “Our members are a community of people who have chosen to bear one another’s burdens in the area of medical costs.” LHS facilitates the sharing of those costs. Bethany enjoys her job as managing editor because she is able to interview members and write their stories so the staff and other members can discover what this community is capable of. As far as editing goes, Bethany says, “I love making someone’s work better while preserving their particular “flavor” in communication.”

As far as coworking goes, Bethany is fairly new to the area and appreciates that working at The Candy Factory has allowed her to meet new people. She enjoys knowing that Liberty HealthShare℠ has the option for collaboration when the opportunity might not otherwise be present.

In her spare time, Bethany sings, crochets, and loom knits (with “varying levels of success), cooks, thinks Lancaster Central Market is magical, she is a huge fan of her husband, concerts are her favorite entertainment spend, and loves watching baseball. “Especially since my Cubs finally figured themselves out,” she says.

Make sure you say hello to Bethany when you see her next!

Bethany Bachman | Liberty HealthShare℠
Managing Editor
Direct: 234-517-7885
Main: 855-585-4237 Ext. 1727