Meet Aimee McGrath!

Aimee is the the managing editor for the FunTimesGuide. “Basically I can’t believe I get paid to write and edit articles on subjects I’m passionate about,” she says of her job. But is it all fun? Well, mostly! But, she does have a minimum number of articles to publish per week/month/etc. When Aimee was working from home 100% of the time, she felt like she was working all the time. Yet, she struggled to meet her quota for work. “I realized that it was much easier to get distracted by the dog, laundry, the Real Housewives. I am pretty extroverted and my four walls, dog, and cat were getting a little tired of me trying to have fulfilling and creative conversations with them—so I looked into coworking,” she explains, reminiscing about what brought her to The Candy Factory.

Since being at the Candy Factory part-time, her productivity has increased and she’s been able to meet her quotas since joining the space. Aimee finds that she is more dedicated to ONLY work when she’s at The Candy Factory and loves the energy and creative vibe. “It’s like having a bunch of coworkers without the typical work-politics, but camaraderie instead. I like that if I am busy and want to be nose-down on my laptop all day , that’s fine and if I feel like engaging in witty banter, it’s readily available too,” she says.
Aimee has a pretty eclectic work history. She taught Marketing at the University of Central Florida for over five years, was a marketing manager at a Fortune 1000 company in Greenville, SC, and most recently was the production supervisor at a busy gift-basket making company. She has always had a passion for writing and has freelanced on the side for years while working other jobs, and took a full-time managing editor role with a lifelong friend of hers.
In her spare time, Aimee loves hiking, painting, and reading. She adds, “I am considering songwriting and learning to play the guitar. 40’s are definitely the new 20s for this gal!”

Say hello to Aimee next time you see her around!

Aimee McGrath
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