Membership-based primary care and wellness service with Rock Medical

Just before an open house at Pod 2 of Rock Lititz, Steve Palmer—founding member of Rock Candy, a Candy Factory project—had toured the Rock Medical facility and met the lead innovator for this new wellness model, Dr. Chris Hager, MD.
It was this conversation that sparked the idea to introduce a health and wellness solution for members of the coworking community. No community coworking space to our knowledge has yet offered anything close to a healthcare option for its members, so this has presented a truly unique opportunity.
Following a subsequent meeting with Dr. Hager, Steve pitched the idea to Anne Kirby—founder of The Candy Factory coworking space—which ultimately led to the shaping of this healthcare-for-coworking concept.
This concept is not a healthcare insurance product, but a primary care service designed to encourage wellness and help members achieve optimal health. There are several services offered on-site so members do not need to invoke insurance. This service is open to Rock Lititz Community Members only and they include:

  • Sick visits
  • Annual wellness visits
  • Physicals
  • Minor procedures
  • Pediatric care
  • Lab testing and electrocardiograms
  • Flu shots
  • Health risk assessments and biometric screenings
  • Weight loss and hypertension education
  • Tobacco cessation program
  • Diabetes counseling
  • On-site prescription medications including antibiotic, respiratory, analgesic, endocrine, and gastrointestinal medications
  • Coordination of care for eligible people with moderate to high health risks
  • Assistance in navigating off-site services

For many of us, insurance has become catastrophic coverage , designed to help pay in the most serious of circumstances, but not without a high deductible. For others, you may be choosing an insurance plan simply to cover the items in this list above.
This is where Rock Medical helps bridge the wellness and financial gap. Many minor procedures, sick visits, prescriptions, and tests (lab or otherwise) require copays which apply towards a large deductible. With much of this included in your membership already, you have greater control over your health and finances.
Membership Cost: $79/month per person – You can do your own math; look at your 2017 cost for insurance, your co-pays, out of pocket expenses, and more to determine if $948/yr is going to work for you.

What is Rock Medical?

Rock Medical is a direct primary care practice that contracts with your employer and will not bill your insurance company or charge you a co-pay. This allows Rock Medical to spend more time with each individual in person, or virtually, at no cost to the member (employee).
What happens when I become a member?
Once your membership starts, the Lancaster General Health Wellness team will come to your place of employment to collect your biometric measurements (cholesterol, blood sugar level, height, weight, and a blood pressure reading). Once the Rock Medical team receives your results, they will contact you to schedule a time for your annual wellness visit and physical. At this appointment, you and your provider will get to know each other, review your medical history and biometric measurements, set some goals to improve your health, and complete a physical exam.
How does this program work with specialists?
Because Rock Medical is part of Lancaster General Health Physicians, our provider works closely with the region’s leading medical and surgical specialists. We are often able to arrange an electronic consult during which you receive a medical opinion without going to a specialist’s office. If an in- person office visit is necessary, Rock Medical’s team will help coordinate the appointment.
Are you a part of LG Health/Penn Medicine?
Yes, we are proud partners with LG Health/Penn Medicine. This vibrant partnership brings together the benefits of the region’s healthcare leader and Penn Medicine’s world-class innovation and specialty care, with a unique practice that is small, nimble, and personal. As part of the LG Health/Penn Medicine system, you have the security of knowing this practice has a firm and stable foundation.
Additionally, Rock Medical is able to access resources which would normally be unavailable to a small independent practice. We utilize the Epic Electronic Health Record (world class, only available to large organizations, and used by Penn Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins, and others). Epic allows us to keep your health information in one safe place. If you see a specialist at LG Health, we can communicate with them directly in your chart. If you receive your yearly mammogram at one of our outpatient facilities, all of your records will be visible to us at Rock Medical. You can rest assured that Rock Medical provides you with the greatest resources available to deliver personalized, innovative, relationship-based care.
What services are provided?
As a part of your membership, you receive unlimited access to primary care and preventive services (management of chronic and acute illnesses and injuries, routine gynecological care, minor skin procedures), same or next day appointments (in the office or virtually), flu shots, commonly prescribed medications, point-of-care lab testing, lab draws and electronic tools and applications to better manage your health.
What does it cost me?
Note that the following applies to employees of employers that participate in this program:
Since the contract is between the employer and Rock Medical, the service to you the employee, is FREE. You owe no copay nor dollar amount for any services provided by the Rock Medical staff.
Since The Candy Factory and Rock Candy are not your employer, you will be responsible for the monthly fee payable directly to Rock Medical. This fee is approx $80 per person in your family.
How does it work with my health insurance plan at work?
Rock Medical membership is NOT an insurance product. Employees still need to have health insurance for all services not provided by Rock Medical, such as an inpatient stay, surgical procedure, or diagnostic imaging procedure. Rock Medical is a membership-based primary care and wellness service designed to partner with you to help you stay in the best health possible and navigate if additional health-care services are needed.
Do I need to schedule an appointment?
While you don’t have to schedule an office or virtual visit, it is helpful so we can allot appropriate time to address your questions and concerns. An appointment can be made by calling or emailing the practice.
Please note: Rock Medical is open to Rock Lititz Community members only. Our members have access to this amazing community with an active membership, this service is not open to the public. Just another great perk of being part of our community!
Want a tour of The Candy Factory or Rock Lititz? Click here to schedule a tour today. 
Information about Rock Medical:
Rock Medical
Rock Lititz Campus
201 Rock Lititz Blvd. | Pod 2, Suite 14 | Lititz, PA 17543
Office: 717-544-ROCK (7625)