We asked Reverend Megan Malick to share her coworking experience with all of you…

The Sweetest Gift
by Reverend Megan Malick

As I sat looking at the tree before heading to The Candy Factory, I felt a wave of gratitude and excitement. Even though my work and shopping lists were a mile long, in that moment I knew that I had already received my Christmas present. Much to my surprise, one of the gifts of 2016 has been becoming part of the Candy Factory Community. When I coworked on my first day in December of 2015, I knew I wanted to become a member. As a relationship coach and wedding officiant, I needed space to meet with couples. Plus, I knew that I needed to get out of my own four walls during the day. Little did I know that Anne Kirby has created a space which has become so much more than a place for me to meet with couples and do paperwork.

Joining The Candy Factory has been joining a community. It is not just about business, but about relationships and community building. As a relationship coach, I talk with couples about the importance of creating a safe space to share their hopes, dreams, and desires. Entrepreneurs need the same safe space—an environment to share their visions, receive support, and get the encouragement to take a risk and grow. The Candy Factory offers this safe space. Every detail of the environment invites a business owner to come in and collaborate. From the open space for part-time coworkers, to weekly Happy Hours, to member-led workshops, The Candy Factory is the ideal environment for taking the first step in launching your own business.

If you are at all considering Coworking, I cannot recommend the Candy Factory enough.  It will be the sweetest gift you give yourself in 2017.