Join Anne LIVE as she “virtually” sits down and talks with Megan Malik about voting, the mail-in ballot process, and what to expect on Election Day in Lancaster County, PA.

If you’re curious about the process…what to do with your ballot if you don’t want to mail it in; what happens if you requested a mail-in but now want to vote in person, what to do if you don’t receive your mail-in ballot, AND what’s happening to ensure people aren’t voting twice.

Megan Malick of Well Counseling and Consulting Services is a therapist in Lancaster, PA, who works with Millennial, Gen-X, and Gen-Z individuals and couples to grieve unexpected losses, navigate change and create lives filled with meaning, purpose, and passion. Megan is fresh off of Poll Worker Training and has the 411 on mail-in-ballots and the voting process.

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