The Candy Factory Collective is proud to present Life in the Next Act with Gail Shane. In this episode, Gail will be talking with Christie Fletcher, Certified Dog Trainer, Author & former TV News Anchor and QVC On-air Spokesperson. Christie will be discussing the importance of listening to your heart and making an important career change. Christie will also share her love of animals, her book “Tampa’s Story”, and how she is giving back by supporting animal shelters nationwide.

Join Gail every first and third Wednesday as she presents many important topics related to relationships, careers, wellness, finance, independence, and aging gracefully. Sharing stories, providing valuable information, and introducing you to others navigating their next act will inspire you, empower you, and inform you.


The Candy Factory Collective

Life in the Next Act is produced by The Candy Factory Collective at the Candy Factory Coworking Campus in Lancaster, PA. Production support by Jason Mundok and Anna Tran. Administrative support by Anne Kirby, Arianna Henderson, and Krisha Martzall.