We’re closing out 2020 with our last episode! Episode 9’s guest is Theresa Fackler, owner of Envision Train Fitness, one of the first women-owned boxing fitness gyms in Lancaster county. She discovered her love of boxing over 10 years ago while going through a divorce, and stepping into her own as a single mother. As she hit the bag she unpacked years of weight; physically and mentally. This journey led her to leave her corporate job in 2016 to pursue personal training and eventually the ability to open her own gym. 2020 has brought many challenges to gym owners, but this one managed to hit a major milestone- their one year anniversary, November 2020. 

We’ll talk about her journey: modeling health and wellness for her daughter, her strength and grace navigating the waves of life, and what the future holds for Envision Train Fitness. How she’ll continue her mission of empowering and connecting her community inside and outside of the gym.

Learn more about Envision Train Fitness Here – envisiontrain.com

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