Women Connect Co. was started by a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who wanted to create the type of business atmosphere they were craving in their own careers. These wild women realized that a great way to build their own businesses would be to help facilitate others who were also in the process of building their businesses to form valuable connections. “A rising tide lifts all boats” movement. 

Women Connect Co-founders Mara Clements and Kate Hunter, are the creative entrepreneurs behind this female-centered, empowerment community, founded in 2018.  We’ll talk about their journey as moms, their individual businesses, what the future holds for Women Connect Co, and how they strive to create a network of business owners who collectively move to better our community. 

Learn more about Women Connect Co Here – womenconnectco.com

Do you know those making an impact in your neighborhood? 

Maybe they’re well known and established, or just getting starting, either way LETS CHAT! 

We’ll be diving deep into their story, what fuels them, and how they help our community.

Hi I’m Krisha, host of Let’s Chat.  My goal is to connect those making an impact in the community, with you, our listeners. Get cozy, and let’s connect!

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