Dana “The Dreamer” Robertson and Chris “The Designer” Breimhurst, launched Pennant Creatives in 2017. A Millennial-owned creative agency that specializes in values-based branding, captivating logos, and websites that align you with your target audience. 

Partners in both work and play; active members of various non-profits and social enterprises, passionate LOVERS of Lancaster and building our community, all while raising two beautiful children (one who joined our world during the pandemic!)…they are the definition of teamwork!

Learn more about Pennant Creatives Here – raisethepennant.com

Do you know those making an impact in your neighborhood? 

Maybe they’re well known and established, or just getting starting, either way LETS CHAT! 

We’ll be diving deep into their story, what fuels them, and how they help our community.

Hi I’m Krisha, host of Let’s Chat.  My goal is to connect those making an impact in the community, with you, our listeners. Get cozy, and let’s connect!

Let’s Chat is produced by The Candy Factory Collective at the Candy Factory Coworking Campus in Lancaster, PA. Production support by Anne Kirby, Jason Mundok, and Anna Tran. Administrative support by Arianna Henderson.