Buying and selling a home pre-COVID was an overwhelming task, now COVID has made the buying/selling process even more tricky. Lucky for Lancaster we have agents like Chuck and Janet Sierk owners of Your Lancaster RE Agent who can help us navigate this process. These two are not just real estate agents, but well-known connectors in our city.

When not giving back, or interviewing local business owners on their multiple streamed shows, they run a free networking group called Rockstar Connect. Technology is a key component to their success, offering virtual reality tours for their clients, as well as pivoting to connecting people via LIVE streamed events during COVID. Aside from working and parenting together, what else is there to learn about this dynamic duo? They bring a side of smiles and laughter to anything they touch and we’re about to go on a Sierk journey, buckle up folks this is going to be fun. Join me as we connect and chat!

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