This week we have the pleasure of welcoming Gregg Barley, the owner and brainchild behind Phantom Power; A microbrewery and live music venue. Formerly The Point Of View theater in Millersville, PA, Gregg launched Phantom Power just as COVID-19 was impacting the country. What a time to start a business! We’ll be chatting with Gregg to learn more about his new venue and what the future has in store. We’ll also get his take on the music scene in Lancaster and the role he’s played.

A little about Gregg:

Gregg has spent many years in the live music industry here in Lancaster and is well known for booking great acts at Lancaster’s many well-known music venues like the Chameleon Club, the Lizard Lounge, and Tellus360. A humble man with a passionate, musical soul, lover of whiskey, and all things cocktails. What else about his journey do you know?

Join me as we connect and chat! Learn more about Phantom Power Here – Events! YES, they have live music events!! Learn more here –…

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