In a few short weeks Let’s Chat will celebrate its one-year anniversary!! Let’s Chat was formulated during the pandemic, and while 2020 has had its ups and downs, Let’s Chat has provided a silver lining since its pandemic infancy. It’s time for a one-year follow-up show!!

Join me as I talk with Evita Colon and Solise White, owners of A Concrete Rose Bookbar. The ladies were our third guests to appear on Let’s Chat and within this past year, they have made unbelievable strides and accomplishments. We’re talking about: their new location, their wine-making journey, what it’s like to see your face on a billboard (VIDEO billboard) in the middle of times square, getting married during a pandemic, and their many passions projects! 

We’re catching up to see just how the heck they’re doing! 

Join me as we connect and chat with A Concrete Rose Bookbar

Learn more about A Concrete Rose here-

Do you know those making an impact in your neighborhood? 

Maybe they’re well known and established, or just getting starting, either way LETS CHAT! 

We’ll be diving deep into their story, what fuels them, and how they help our community.

Hi I’m Krisha, host of Let’s Chat.  My goal is to connect those making an impact in the community, with you, our listeners. Get cozy, and let’s connect!

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